About Us

Welcome to Project Terra, where every space unfolds a unique story, and each design is a canvas waiting to be filled. Guided by the creative visionaries Rutvi Patel and Jay Patel, our team specializes in transforming dreams into architectural marvels, interiors that speak volumes, and the thoughtful restoration of spaces.

Rutvi Patel, Co-Founder and Principal Architect, imbues each project with a touch of enchantment. Drawing inspiration from her global design journey, including experiences at the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, collaborations with conservationists like Minakshi Jain and K. B. Jain, and interactions with architects such as Popo Danes in Bali during her CEPT bachelor's program, Rutvi's designs transcend functionality. They become more than spaces; they are crafted expressions of love and happiness, intricately tailored to embrace the unique essence of each individual Jay Patel, Co-Founder and Design Director, adds a dash of rural charm and sustainability to the mix. With hands-on experience in organic farming and a deep connection with diverse village landscapes, Jay brings a holistic perspective to Project Terra's design philosophy. Vibrant Palette, Timeless Stories: Explore projects where spaces dance together with material and craftmanships, pushing creative boundaries. Each design decision captures the essence of our clients, creating spaces that are not just beautiful but timeless. Modern aesthetics entwined with the charm of tradition — our designs are stories that last.

A Symphony of Nature and Design: Step into a world where design seamlessly blends with nature. Our landscapes aren't mere green patches; they are living, they are cultural, breathing extensions of your space. From lush gardens to sustainable farming methods, we redefine how nature becomes an integral part of your living environment. More Than Spaces: A Journey, An Emotion: At Project Terra, we don't just design spaces; we craft experiences. Our approach goes beyond the physical, creating a unique story with every project. Join us on a journey where emotions, experiences, and purpose converge to shape environments that resonate with your essence. Embark on a journey with us, where each space is an enchanting adventure, and every design tells a captivating story. Project Terra - crafting enchanting spaces for your unique narrative.

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